Mardy Leads

AAUW – Branch

  • Program VP
  • Membership VP – Grew a 60+ member branch to 99 members.
  • Social Justice Co-Chair
  • Historian
  • Organized Cocktails and Convos and Equal Pay Day events.

AAUW – State

  • President – Began a state strategic planning process and streamlined the organizational structure of governance. – Implemented a state board assessment and evaluated the results.        – Increased the number of collaborators. – Began a revitalization of the public policy program.
  • Program VP – Coordinated a dual-state convention with 250 leaders attending. – Ensured a smooth transition to electronic media.
  • Bylaws and Resolutions – Coordinated with state leaders and branches.
  • Historian – Wrote historical briefs for the state newsletter.

AAUW – National

  • Branch Program Resources Committee Co-Chair    – Coordinated and facilitated presentations at national conventions. – Chaired conference calls. – Created and then implemented surveys to state program vice presidents.             –  Collaborated with other national committee chairs. – Advised the AAUW board regarding the committee’s priorities and goals.
  • Multi-State Member Leader Trainer
  • Leadership Corps – Facilitated leadership development in multiple states.
  • AAUW Start Smart and AAUW Work Smart facilitator


  • County Library Advisory Board – Advised the library director regarding budgetary and policy decisions.
  • Historical Society – As president of the board, created and implemented training for board members.
  • Homeowner’s Association – As president of the board, appointed ad hoc committees to study issues, and led the revision of governing documents.
  • National Conference for College Women Student Leaders – Continuously provides encouragement and support for women to attend, and ensure their stories are heard.
  • NEW Leadership Oregon – Champions collaboration with Portland State University to support this women’s leadership initiative for college students.
  • Regional Arts Council – Led in starting the organization writing bylaws, policies and hiring a CEO. – Served as president of the board.
  • Sister City Program – As president of the board, established and sustained international collaborations, governmental and non governmental.




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