AAUW Advocacy

Have you seen the following from AAUW’s Action Network? What you/we are helping to make happen is awesome! Let’s keep up the momentum.

As of the end of April, AAUW’s Public Policy staff was monitoring around 40 different bills in the 115th Congress that fall within AAUW’s member-approved Public Policy Program. In that time frame our staff conducted around 800 different interactions with Capitol Hill staff – including meetings, correspondence, and visits from the AAUW Action Fund Capitol Hill Lobby Corps – to ensure AAUW members have a consistent, respected presence in the halls of Congress. You can see the fruits of our labor in the over 20 floor statements from members of the 115th Congress that mention AAUW by name. AAUW also joined over 65 sign-on letters to Congress and the administration on legislation and policy recommendations; this is a big increase over past Congresses.

Reinforcing those efforts, AAUW members and supporters received 29 federal Action Networks from our staff so far this year, and in turn, you sent an impressive 63,972 messages to legislators. In fact, the AAUW Action Network is seeing record growth in 2017, with more individuals joining the list this year than did in all of 2016 combined! AAUW policy staff were also featured at state conventions in Indiana, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania.

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