Signs of Progress

I recently interviewed a 15-year old! She is part of a program that supports girls from middle school through high school in STEM fields, and who are the first ones in their family who will go to college. She has traveled to Washington, DC to participate in coding. She will be at an Ivy League school for two weeks this summer to support her STEM interest. She had created her own dynamic resume. –And we selected her for the position for which she was being interviewed! This is an in-your-face sign that we are changing the climate for women and girls!

AAUW Advocacy

Have you seen the following from AAUW’s Action Network? What you/we are helping to make happen is awesome! Let’s keep up the momentum.

As of the end of April, AAUW’s Public Policy staff was monitoring around 40 different bills in the 115th Congress that fall within AAUW’s member-approved Public Policy Program. In that time frame our staff conducted around 800 different interactions with Capitol Hill staff – including meetings, correspondence, and visits from the AAUW Action Fund Capitol Hill Lobby Corps – to ensure AAUW members have a consistent, respected presence in the halls of Congress. You can see the fruits of our labor in the over 20 floor statements from members of the 115th Congress that mention AAUW by name. AAUW also joined over 65 sign-on letters to Congress and the administration on legislation and policy recommendations; this is a big increase over past Congresses.

Reinforcing those efforts, AAUW members and supporters received 29 federal Action Networks from our staff so far this year, and in turn, you sent an impressive 63,972 messages to legislators. In fact, the AAUW Action Network is seeing record growth in 2017, with more individuals joining the list this year than did in all of 2016 combined! AAUW policy staff were also featured at state conventions in Indiana, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania.

Mardy Leads

AAUW – Branch

  • Program VP
  • Membership VP – Grew a 60+ member branch to 99 members.
  • Social Justice Co-Chair
  • Historian
  • Organized Cocktails and Convos and Equal Pay Day events.

AAUW – State

  • President – Began a state strategic planning process and streamlined the organizational structure of governance. – Implemented a state board assessment and evaluated the results.        – Increased the number of collaborators. – Began a revitalization of the public policy program.
  • Program VP – Coordinated a dual-state convention with 250 leaders attending. – Ensured a smooth transition to electronic media.
  • Bylaws and Resolutions – Coordinated with state leaders and branches.
  • Historian – Wrote historical briefs for the state newsletter.

AAUW – National

  • Branch Program Resources Committee Co-Chair    – Coordinated and facilitated presentations at national conventions. – Chaired conference calls. – Created and then implemented surveys to state program vice presidents.             –  Collaborated with other national committee chairs. – Advised the AAUW board regarding the committee’s priorities and goals.
  • Multi-State Member Leader Trainer
  • Leadership Corps – Facilitated leadership development in multiple states.
  • AAUW Start Smart and AAUW Work Smart facilitator


  • County Library Advisory Board – Advised the library director regarding budgetary and policy decisions.
  • Historical Society – As president of the board, created and implemented training for board members.
  • Homeowner’s Association – As president of the board, appointed ad hoc committees to study issues, and led the revision of governing documents.
  • National Conference for College Women Student Leaders – Continuously provides encouragement and support for women to attend, and ensure their stories are heard.
  • NEW Leadership Oregon – Champions collaboration with Portland State University to support this women’s leadership initiative for college students.
  • Regional Arts Council – Led in starting the organization writing bylaws, policies and hiring a CEO. – Served as president of the board.
  • Sister City Program – As president of the board, established and sustained international collaborations, governmental and non governmental.




Support for Mardy

What my mentors are saying:

You read AAUW’s publications, inform yourself, and share with others.

You have served within AAUW at the national level — leadership corps, member leader trainer, AAUW Start Smart facilitator, committee co-chair, convention workshop facilitator — so that you are ready to take the next step to be a director.

You have broad experience in planning and collaboration, fiscal responsibility and building leaders.

You are ready.

Who are these mentors? Former national board members and state presidents.


National Convention

Leadership for Women, by Women — how exciting — new ways to empower yourself and your community! If you haven’t already registered for convention, you have one week to take advantage of the Early Bird Special rate. I would like to encourage you to pay special attention to the Daily Dialogues and RoundTable sessions……unique opportunities to learn new skills, gain insight and inspiration, and connect with other women leaders. I look forward to seeing you in Washington, DC.

Action and Development

We must focus on bringing women leaders forward on the local, regional, and national stages. We need to pay additional attention to our philanthropic efforts that are in the process of shifting from restricted to unrestricted giving. We’ve got incredible resources – to use and improve. Our voices matter, and targeted use of social media, conference calls and webinars, created by staff and by national board and committee members, will lead to AAUW’s  inclusive and dynamic development.

–Mardy Stevens